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courtesy cars
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courtesy cars

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courtesy cars

courtesy cars

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By Accident Claims Care

Are you unhappy with any aspect of our service? We sincerely hope not but if you are unhappy about anything at all, please follow our complaints procedure and we will ensure your query is dealt with in a prompt manner.

Our Complaints Scheme was set up in accordance with the requirements of the Compensation Act 2006, which requires all authorised CMCs (Claims Management Company's) to have arrangements in place to investigate complaints made against its staffs competence, actions/inactions or Company Procedures.

The Complaints Process has three parts:

  • Part 1, where complaints are investigated by a consultant appointed by ACC (Accident Claims Care).

  • Part 2, where – if the complainant remains dissatisfied – complaints are then investigated by the Company Proprietor.

  • Part 3, where – if the complainant still remains dissatisfied – complaints are then investigated by the Legal Ombudsman.

  • You can contact us directly by email or by telephoning 08000 247 786. Alternatively, you can fax on 01483 755754 or write to:-

    Accident Claims Care
    Imperial House
    29 Eve Road
    GU21 5JS

    Part 1 Complaints Investigated by the Consultant
    If the appointed consultant believes he/she can deal with your complaint satisfactorily within ten working days of it reaching ACC (Accident Claims Care), he/she will then endeavour to investigate and resolve the complaint and report back to the complainant promptly. If the consultant feels the former is not possible and/or if you remain dissatisfied, you can then refer your complaint to the Company Proprietor.

    Part 2 Complaints Investigated by the Company Proprietor
    If you believe the matters giving rise to your complaint have not been resolved to your satisfaction by the Consultant, then the complaint is referred to the Company Proprietor who will then in turn investigate both the complaint and the initial consultants report as well as the professional conduct, competence and actions of the consultant thoroughly, within 15 working days and act accordingly, be that to consider to recompense the complainant or by any other means to resolve the complaint. If you are still dissatisfied the complaint will then be referred to the Legal Ombudsman.

    Part 3 Complaints investigated by the Legal Ombudsman.
    The Legal Ombudsman then in turn will make his/her own investigation.

    The Complaints Scheme will NOT cover complaints that have arisen in relation to Actions/Inactions and Professional Conduct of the appointed solicitors. These complaints should be made directly to the Consumer Complaints Service via the law society.

    Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We want you to be happy with our service and we want you to feel confident that your claim is handled professionally. Let’s be honest. You will not recommend us to anyone else if you have had an unhappy experience with us!

    To find out if you are entitled to claim compensation
    Free Phone 08000 247 786

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